About me

Welcome to my portfolio.I live in the countryside in southern Sweden. I have had an art interest since childhood and also been interested in photo on and off many times but got very ”hooked” on nature photography about 10 years ago.
Since I have a lifelong art interest my photos reflect this and I mostly work with so called creative nature photo. I like my pic´s to look like paintings. I pick up all the inspiration from nature and transform what I see into a personal interpretation of this.
Landscape, seascape and plants/forest, are my favourite subjects often done as abstract or impressionistic images. Most of my photos are taken in Scandinavia. But extensive travelling brings pic´s from different types of nature around the world as well.
I participate in many art exhibitions mostly in Sweden and I am quite active on social media showing my pic´s.
I am an elected member of the Swedish photographers association PhotoNatura since 2015.
You can follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/elisabeth.liljenberg and www.facebook.com/gallerililjenberg and on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/elisabeth.k.liljenberg

App 40 exhibitions in Sweden since 2012
Participation at exhibitions in Paris, Milano, Berlin, Madrid, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Copenhagen, London, Belgrad, Tel Aviv, New York to mention some..

Naturfotografen 2016, 2017
Photobook; ”Light moments”  2017

Photobook: ”Personligt” with PhotoNatura 2019